Bus Driver Hailed A Hero For Stopping A Child Abduction In Action

In 2015, a 3-year-old boy was reported missing from a library outside San Francisco. About an hour later, Tim Watson, a Valley Transportation Authority bus driver, saw a man and boy on his bus who resembled the description of the suspect and child. At first, Tim didn’t think much of it — but moments later he noticed the boy was crying. It was enough to make this bus driver, a dad with two kids of his own, tap into his paternal instincts.


Couple Tries To Adopt One Newborn Baby, Gets A Big Surprise

Abandoned Baby Discovers A Secret Hidden Deep In Her Family Tree

This story is like something out of a movie plot, but I can assure you, it’s 100% real.

Jennifer was born with no legs. Because of her devastating birth defect, her parents abandoned her at the hospital on the day she was born. One day, however, she was adopted by a wonderful couple from a tiny town in Illinois that instilled in her the confidence and strength she needed to live out her dreams — to become, if you can believe it, an athlete and gymnast.

Hero Dad Saves Daughter From Sexual Predator She Met Online

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, and for one Los Angeles father, it became a harsh reality. In the summer of 2015, Tim walked into his 12-year-old daughter’s room in the middle of the night and realized she wasn’t there. To make matters worse, her bedroom window was cracked open. Frantically, Tim and his older son began searching throughout the neighborhood. Finally, they found his daughter – just moments before she got into a truck with a stranger she’d met online.


This Watercolor Drip Chocolate Cake Is Easer To Make Than It Looks!

This cake looks about as good as it tastes. Rosie from Rosie’s Desert Spot has graced us with another mesmerizing cake recipe. If you’re someone who loves the look of bold, vibrant colors and the rich taste of chocolate, this cake is going to rock your world. Using a simple technique with her cake stand, Rosie is able to create a “watercolor drip cake.” This confection is nothing short of a work of art.

Rosie stacks five 6-inch chocolate cakes. Next, she coats them with a layer of yummy buttercream frosting. Now, her canvas is ready.

Family Warns About The Dangers Of Bounce Houses After Daughter’s Hair Gets Stuck

As a parent, you want to do everything in your power to keep your child safe. You warn them about the dangers of crossing the street without looking both ways, and you tell them to not talk to strangers. But even the children of the most diligent parents get into unfortunate accidents in what seem to be the safest of places.

Visual Dance Act Stuns Judges On ”Britain’s Got Talent”

This performance is taking the internet by storm… and it doesn’t get much more impressive than what you’re about to see. Combining dance, art and theater, this visual dance act called “Another Kind Of Blue” brings something new and exciting to “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Young Singer Performs Perfect Cover Of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’

For over 40 years now, Dolly Parton has been sharing her incredible vocal talent and musical abilities with the whole world. Her songs range from happy and thankful to desperate and dark. And while everyone loves her upbeat attitude and happy lyrics, the song “Jolene” is quite possibly her most beautiful in spite of its subject.

She Makes An Amazing DIY Penny Tabletop That Would Look Great In Any Room

This incredible Do It Yourself project is so unique and interesting to watch that it will inspire just about anyone to go to the bank and change out a bunch of cash in order to get rolls and rolls of fresh pennies!

At first it seems like this creative crew are just revamping an old and beat-up table. While that’s certainly fine with us, it doesn’t seem like it was worth making an actual video for. But within a few seconds, it becomes clear that this project really and truly is “original” in every sense of the word.

Husband Gets Emotional Onstage After Seeing His Major Makeover

Most of his adult life, Jeff donned a long signature beard. But he decided it was time to chop it off and go back to the clean-shaven man his wife fell in love with years ago.

In turn, he appeared on the Rachael Ray Show to get this special makeover with the help of professionals. His wife was right by his side, visibly excited for the long overdue change.

“I’m going through basically a midlife crisis. It’s time to clean it up,” Jeff said prior to the makeover.

Crafty Dad Builds This AMAZING Daybed Made Of Grass

Just because you have a bare outdoor space in your yard doesn’t mean you can’t be one with nature and enjoy the luxury of a lawn. In this video, courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens, Jason Hodges transforms a barren concrete courtyard into a comfy, vibrant day bed out of grass — and it’s perfect for a backyard picnic or an afternoon nap. What a cool, creative idea!

First, Jason constructs the base of a futon and dresses it with a headboard. Then comes the top frame in which the grass and soot will sit. And to top it off, Jason finishes the wood with a charcoal stain for a sleek and elegant look.

This Stunning Duct Tape Hammock Is Patriotic And Genius!

I am one of those people who thinks they can make anything or fix anything with duct tape. And this amazing tutorial by KipKay proves exactly that.

With two wooden dowels and a few rolls of duct tape, you can create this completely functional patriotic duct tape hammock. Of course, you don’t have to use red, white, and blue duct tape if you don’t want to. Whichever colors you choose, this hammock will definitely enhance your time in the backyard or when you’re out camping.


Deaf Toddler Is Delighted After Hearing The Recorder For The First Time

In a way, we take many of our faculties for granted. Speaking, hearing, and walking are but a few examples of what we do in our daily lives that we can’t imagine living without. But if we had to live without being able to hear most sounds, do you think that music would bring us more joy than it already does?

Hilarious ‘Mary Poppins’ Outtake Shows How Much Fun The Stars Had On Set

There are so many incredible movies throughout history that just stick with their audience no matter how much time has passed. Whether it’s a snappy musical number or just an unforgettable line of dialogue, those are the films that become instant classics.

Dancing Duo Stun The Crowd With Their Amazing, Acrobatic Routine

If you haven’t seen this amazing performance yet, you’re in for a treat.

Prepare to be blown away by two incredibly talented dancers and acrobats — Valeriy and Yulia — performing their “Hand to Hand” act. Not only is this dance oh-so-sexy, but it’s also a stunning show of both masculine and feminine athleticism and grace. I love seeing the play and balance here between the male and female force. Isn’t it amazing what the human body is capable of?!

Military Mom Shrieks When Her Son Surprises Her On Her Birthday

There’s no greater feeling than celebrating a birthday with your family and friends by your side. Unfortunately, for most military families, birthdays are often spent without a certain loved one.

Sometimes, these service members get the opportunity to fly home from deployment and opt to make a grand birthday surprise. And they are nothing short of epic.

Amazing Trapped Fairy Lights Are Guaranteed To Be A Huge Hit In Your Home

This incredible DIY project is probably the most adorably perfect craft you could ever dream up in your entire life. Appropriate in any season or on holiday, and such a cute little light source will always be a joy to watch!

Whether you’re making it for yourself, for a present, or as a cute craft with the grandchildren, this project is pretty simple and comes out absolutely perfectly.

This One Trick Will Instantly Clean Your Rusty Pots And Pans!

As an avid baker, there is nothing more irritating to me than a baking pan that won’t get clean. No matter what soap you use, how hard you scrub — whether it’s with Brillo or a sponge — it seems those dark, rusty spots won’t go away. After time, they just seem to accumulate until the entire pan is a dark, rusted brown. With this simple hack, you can restore all of your silverware in an instant.

Woman Finds The Figure Of Jesus On The Cross In Her Ultrasound

Parents get their first look at their baby when they go for their first ultrasound. They watch the baby’s growth over the course of nine months by going to several ultrasound appointments, and see how the baby is developing. And sometimes, the parents catch some pretty unusual things at these appointments — babies move in the womb, and some of their gestures are hilarious, to say the least! One baby decided to hit himself while his parents were watching, and another gave thrilled parents the peace sign!

After having 3 beautiful boys, Mom couldn't believe what she was seeing!

Jessica Abrams is a proud mother of three adorably perfect little boys, and when you see how they respond to some pretty exciting news, you’ll see just what she has to be so proud of!


Adam Levine Performs Jaw-Dropping Rendition Of “Purple Rain”

Tons of celebrities and performers showed up to Howard Stern’s 60th Birthday Bash in 2014. But perhaps the most talked-about moment of the night was when Adam Levine took the stage to perform an epic rendition of “Purple Rain.” In the days following Prince’s death, the folks at “The Howard Stern Show” decided to release Levine’s performance online, in tribute to the legendary singer.

Moving Breastfeeding Series Captures The Strength Of Moms In Uniform

If you’re a mom (or just know one), then you know it’s just about the most demanding job on the planet.

Raising a kiddo or two requires energy, organization, empathy, and intelligence—basically a laundry list of qualities that would make you overqualified for just about any other job! It also helps to have a knack for diapering four kids in under four minutes.

Courageous Brother And Sister Text 911 When Dad Drives Drunk

It was terrifying. Siblings Mackenzie and Ethan were headed to Colorado with their dad for a vacation when they noticed their father was drunk driving. The children feared for their lives as their father nearly hit car after car on the road. What saved them? Their courage and bravery in a difficult situation. The brother and sister first confronted their dad about his drinking. He insisted he wasn’t drunk. When 14-year-old Mackenzie said she could drive more safely, he told her to take the wheel. She told him she was underage and begged him to pull over.

Apple Dumplings Are A Crispy, Satisfying Take On Baked Apples

There aren’t a lot of desserts that are appropriate all year round.

After all, in the heat of July, you might be totally focused on refreshing ice creams and sorbets, while the depths of winter are all about rich and cozy-warm treats, like this decadent caramel-coated apple crisp.

Cheesy Skillet Meatballs Are Like A Party On Your Plate!

When I’m in the mood to celebrate, I have one go-to recipe for every occasion: meatballs!

No matter what you’re celebrating, meatballs are always appropriate, not to mention delicious and versatile. You can throw some in a sub, toss ‘em in spaghetti, even pull a switcheroo and stuff the spaghetti inside of them. Your options are limitless.

”The Doctors” Surprise Husband And Father Who Lost 300 Pounds

For the majority of his life, Zach — a thirty-something man from Florida — consumed anything and everything he wanted. On a daily basis, he smoked three packets of cigarettes, drank two liters of soda and binged on fast food. Zach was addicted to fatty, sugary foods the same way a drug addict would be addicted to cocaine or heroin.


Passengers Help An Ailing Flight Attendant Fly One Last Time

When his sister LouAnn Alexander was diagnosed with breast cancer, Rex Ridenoure was devastated. Although he and his family knew that the former cheerleader and flight attendant was a survivor, the diagnosis had them on edge.

Father Finally Has Miracle Baby After 23 Years Of Waiting

At the age of 27, Peter Dixon was diagnosed with cancer. With his whole life ahead of him, he says the news felt like the rug was pulled right out from under him. And as if the diagnosis itself wasn’t difficult enough, doctors told Peter he may never be able to have children, as one of the lesser-known side effects of radiation can include infertility.

16-Year-Old ”Rapunzel” Cuts Her Hair For The Very First Time


In 2009, Roxy was a real-life 16-year-old Rapunzel who had never cut her hair… ever. In the video below, the Virginia native decides make a big change. She’s getting ready to go to college, she wants to look more mature, and she’s finally ready for a fresh, new look. What better way to shed her long locks than by donating them to charity. So, Roxy enlisted the help of Seventeen magazine to give her the makeover of her life. The hair stylist says Roxy’s “shocking, unbelievable length,” makes for the longest hair he has ever seen donated to Beautiful Lengths!


Woman Receives Flowers From Husband, But There’s A Catch

This is a real P.S. I Love You-type of story come to life in the most incredible way.

Kayla Miller of West Virginia was at work when a co-worker received a big, gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Of course, many of her co-workers were excited about the unexpected delivery and gathered around to see who they were from. The flowers, as it turned out, were from the woman’s husband… who passed away two years ago. Before he passed away, this wonderful man took the time and effort to make sure his wife would feel loved on days she’d find it difficult to go on without him.

Learn How To Make An Impressively Realistic Tulip Bouquet Cake

If I’m being honest, I’d be happy with just about any cake you put in front of me. As long as it’s delicious, I don’t really care if cake crumbs make their way into the whipped cream frosting in the process. As long as I get to enjoy the fluffy, decadent dessert with those I love, I’m a happy camper.

A beautifully decorated cake is just, well, a little extra icing on the cake; a cherry on top.

Woman Body Shamed For Wearing Bikini Writes A Powerful Response

Jes Portelli was waiting in the changing room line to try on her bikini, when a fellow customer loudly commented on her weight.

She promptly announced that “girls like Jess” shouldn’t choose to wear bikinis.

Grieving Mom Hears Donor Son’s Heartbeat After His Death

They Call This One The Magical Disappearing Garage!

Tom Gonzales’ elaborate family home is housing one big secret. At first glance, the home looks totally ordinary, even a picture perfect landscape. However, there is something totally unusual hiding under the cars in his driveway. There’s no getting around it, Gonzales isn’t exactly someone making a modest paycheck. He’s an internet millionaire and when he began building a family compound on Lake Tahoe, he needed a parking garage big enough to store his 400-car collection.

Singer-Songwriter Prince Dies At 57, After A Long Career As An Innovative Musician

Singer, songwriter, and musician Prince has died at the age of 57 after a medical emergency on April 15 forced his private jet to land in Illinois, his publicist confirmed.

Twin Girls Are Healed Of Rare Infant Cancer At The Exact Same Time

What are the odds of giving birth to beautiful, identical twin girls like Isabella and Madeleine? Alyssa and Michael Dunn considered themselves lucky to bring home two healthy, happy little babies. Their very existence was a gift. Things were going smoothly, until a routine checkup at the doctor turned into every parent’s nightmare. While visiting their pediatrician, he noticed that Madeleine’s belly was swollen.

Red Robin Server Pays For Officers’ Lunch After Funeral

After the sullen funeral of Columbus, Ohio SWAT Officer Steven Smith, nine police officers who were in attendance went to grab some food at the Red Robin in Polaris, Ohio.


Amazing Doctors Team Up To Deliver Mom’s High-Risk Twins

Note: This video contains footage of a live birth, which may be disturbing for some viewers.
Expecting twins, Jasmine’s life changed dramatically when an extremely rare type of pregnancy threatened her babies. Jasmine’s baby girls were in the same sac with entangled cords. At one point, Baby B even had the cord wrapped around her neck as the fetuses grew.

Adorable Twins Zony And Yony Dance To ‘Shake It Off’ On ‘Ellen’

We all know Ellen has one of the best eyes for talent in the biz, especially when it comes to spotting some amazing youngsters from all over the world. Kids like Emma Rester, who at just 3 years old is well on her way to mastering the world of gymnastics.

Husband And Wife Live In Beautiful Cave Together!

Dad Photobombs His Pregnant Wife In The Silliest Way Possible

Starting a family is a very important step in any person’s story. The birth of a child is always one of the biggest moments of any mom’s or dad’s life, so it’s understandable that there are so many families out there that want to take special photographs just to forever remember that feeling of excitement and nervousness.

Officer Dresses Up As Superhero At 5-Year-Old Boys’s Funeral

In early April 2016, a little boy named Joshua was reported missing by his frantic mother. Minutes later, she discovered the unthinkable. Joshua had drowned in a backyard pool in Fort Worth, Texas. Officer Damon Cole was the first person to respond. He found Joshua, pulled him from the water and did everything he possibly could to save the boy’s life. Since the tragedy, not a day goes by that Officer Cole doesn’t think of Joshua and pray for him and his family.

Teenage Girl Gives Bullied Boy A Pair Of Brand New Shoes

The neighborhood kids often play basketball outside the Kentucky home of 13-year-old Shaylynn. Recently, the group got a hopeful new player named Richard — an 11-year-old boy with ripped up, tattered shoes.

Bullied Kid Leaves Judges Completely Stunned!

Jack Higgins is 14 years old and already life has thrown him some pretty heavy punches. The young teenager has dealt with relentless bullying for much of his life all because of how he has devoted much of his time. It’s Jack’s dream to become a professional dancer.

Tiny Garage Is The Ultimate In Dad-Made DIY Projects

Everybody loves a doting dad!

After all, dads are the ones who carry you upstairs when you’re little, and give you away on your wedding day years later — maybe even with the addition of a special song and dance routine.


Powerful Video Shows Us What It’s REALLY Like For Abandoned Pets

Here, we meet a woman who finds a lost dog found and takes him to what looks like a kill shelter. Seconds later, things take a crazy turn when the woman is left to her own devices, a witness to the sheer strangeness taking place around every corner. 

Mom Epically Declutters Little Girls’ Room

Claire is usually an organized person, but lately the mother of two little girls has been feeling overwhelmed. It seems the little ones have run amuck with clutter. 

Pregnant Identical Triplets Get Ultrasounds Together On ‘The Doctors’

Growing up, I always wished I had a twin to go through life side by side. Sure, it probably had more to do with me being about the same age as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at the peak of their fame, but the idea of having a buddy with you starting from the womb and all the way to making your own way in the world is something that just seems so wonderful! 

Photographer Shows The Beauty Of Freckled Faces

There are many myths surrounding those with red hair and freckles. It was once believed that our speckled friends were unclean, they didn’t have souls, or they were downright evil. The phrase “redheaded stepchild” doesn’t come from just anywhere.

Doctors Warn Parents About The Dangers Of Tooth Decay

We all know that sugary foods and drinks are bad for us calorically, but pediatric dentists are also finding a substantial amount of children experience tooth decay as a result of diets that are high in sugar.