Mom Visits With Her Newborn Quintuplets For The Very First Time

If you think these are twins, think again.

It Looks Like Mom Is Cradling Twins, But When The Camera Pans To The Foot Of Her Bed? SPEECHLESS

In 2005, Rachelle and Jayson decided they were ready to try for their third child. After four months of hoping and praying, they finally got pregnant with the aid of fertility treatments. But during Rachelle’s ultrasound, the doctor noticed a third heartbeat. Then another. And then, another. Five babies. Rachelle had a feeling it would be twins,but quintuplets?! It was a shock, to say the least.


Ashton Kutcher Tells His Mom To Come Downstairs. What She Sees? Grab The Tissues!

could watch this over and over. Her reaction is priceless.

Ashton Kutcher Tells His Mom To Come Downstairs. What She Sees? Grab The Tissues!

Forget flowers or chocolates! Actor Ashton Kutcher wanted to do something special for his mom for Mother’s Day, so he decided to do something much bigger.

The actor and his stepfather, Mark, remodeled the basement of his childhood home in Homestead, IA as a surprise for his mother. In the video below, the entire renovation was showcased in a new web series titled My Houzz.

Woman With Deformed Heart Gets Pregnant With Miracle Baby

Laura was born with heart disease, but was able to get pregnant and give birth to a baby. 10 years later, Laura got pregnant again. This time, however, doctors noticed something strange when they looked at the ultrasound...

Mom Snaps A Photo Of Her Pregnant Belly, Then Doctors Notice A HUGE Red Flag...

aura Kingston was born with a deformed heart and congenital heart disease. As she grew into adulthood, the decision to have a baby also meant facing the terrifying risk of having a heart attack while pregnant. But Laura desperately wanted a family of her own, and she was willing to take the chance.

Identical Twin With Rare Syndrome Looks Different Than His Brother

As Ramona gave birth to her twins 19 years ago, she looked down and could only see their hair. But when she the rest of baby Gabriel's face, she knew...

Doctor Notices One Twin Looks Different, Then Looks At His Face And Tells Mom The Unthinkable...

19 years ago, Ramona was pregnant with twin boys. Before she gave birth, doctors noticed one of the babies suffered a condition so rare that they gave her the option to terminate him. Ultimately, Ramona decided to go through with both pregnancies, and Haidin and Gabriel were born.

Mom Surprises Compassionate Day Care Worker With Brand-New Car!

Mom did it in front of everyone. She wanted everyone to know who this woman really was...

Mom In Blue Records Conversation With Day Care Worker. Now Look At The Envelope In Her Hand...

Brittney Nichols leaves her 2-year-old daughter at Benton Preschool and Childcare. The 2-year-old needs some special attention since she has a few health issues from being born premature.

This Awesome Bed Snaps Into The Ceiling And Saves A Ton Of Space

Seems crazy... But WOW! What a fabulous idea.

This Man Put A Mattress In His Bedroom Ceiling. The Reason? GENIUS!

If you live in a small dwelling like me, then you know that every single square inch of space is absolutely precious. In 2004, Parisian designers Décadrages released their version of a Murphy Bed — and not only is it perfect for one’s space-saving needs, but it’s also an incredible take on innovative design.

One-Of-A-Kind Chicken Coops Make Adorable Backyard Additions

I've heard of donating an old crib, but never this — such a cool idea!

She Upgrades An Old Baby Crib. But When I See What's Hiding Inside? WHOA!

These days, it’s starting to feel like no backyard is complete without a gorgeous chicken coop and a rowdy gaggle of hens.

Whether you’re just looking for a different kind of pet, or absolutely love farm fresh eggs in the morning, owning chickens can be an exciting adventure.

Baking Guru Creates A Colorful Pyramid Gummy Cake

I've never seen a cake like THIS before!

This Giant Pyramid Cake Is Beautiful, But Watch What Happens When She Cuts Into It...Stunning!

Whether you’re tired of making the same old birthday cake every year or you simply love the sight of a beautiful confection, this video is for you. The Pyramid Cake is a jaw-dropping creation of epic proportion. And not only is the finished product gorgeous and gigantic — but it’s delicious, too.


Student Asks His Girlfriend To The Prom With A Sweet Rendition of ‘My Girl’

.Megan and Eli have shared some very special moments together, but perhaps none as beautiful as this one...

They Met At Just 3-Months-Old, But Wait Til You See Them 18 Years Later...

The arrival of the month of May means the beginning of beautiful weather, flowers blooming, and longer days. For students, two big events need to be planned: prom and graduation. They plan out their outfits, arrangements, and of course, who they’ll be attending the events with. Prom is especially important: It’s a time to enjoy the night away with all of your friends, and even your significant other! If you remember your prom, your date is perhaps one of the details of the night you remember the most fondly.

Claire Danes Wears Magnificent Light-Up Dress To Met Gala 2016

I never expected THAT from a dress! No wonder everyone is talking about it!

Her Giant Dress Looks Beautiful, But When I Saw It Do This In The Dark, My Jaw DROPPED!

Claire Danes may known as a talented actress, but now she’s got another title to add to her resume: Galactic Cinderella. And that’s because, at the 2016 Met Gala in New York City, Claire Danes wore a custom light-up Cinderella-style gown by American fashion designer Zac Posen. The dress was so magnificent that it instantly went viral… and you’re about to see why!

Parents Turn Abandoned Storage Room Into Son’s Whimsical Playroom

Sarah and Steve discovered a tiny door in their 2-year-old's bedroom. When they opened it and stepped inside, they never expected THIS would happen!

Mom Finds A Tiny Door Behind Son's Dresser. 2 Years Later, She Tells Him To Go Inside...

A few years ago, Sarah and Steve moved into their new home in sunny California with their two-year-old son. Sarah, a stay-at-home mom, noticed a tiny 4-foot-high door on the side of what would be their son’s bedroom. When they opened it, they discovered something completely unexpected — and a new project that would take two years to see to completion.

Doctors Successfully Treat Brain Tumor With Polio Virus

Can you believe this?!

 Daughter Complains Of Bad Headaches. Then Doctors Look At Her MRI And See It...

Stephanie Lipscomb was a 20-year-old nursing student when she began to get headaches. After a trip to the hospital, Stephanie was hit with unthinkable news that would forever change the course of her life. Although it was difficult for her to process, she was diagnosed with glioblastoma — a brain tumor the size of a tennis ball. With a ton of radiation and chemotherapy, she was able to remove 98 percent of the tumor. Things looked good, until they didn’t.

Hand Yoga: The Easy Way To Clear Your Mind And Strengthen Your Body

Whoa, I had no idea something this small could have such an enormous effect!

She Pinches Just 2 Fingers Together On Each Hand. The Effect? I’m Stunned...

I don’t know about you, but I can find something to feel stressed about in virtually any situation.

Whether I’m saying hello to an acquaintance at a party or even just greeting a dog I haven’t met before, I’m pretty good at creating anxiety out of nothing.

My only consolation? I know I’m far from alone.

Minor stress and anxiety are part of the deal for each and every one of us, but it can be hard to find effective strategies for dealing with it daily.

Parents Discover A Secret Hidden In Adoptive Daughter’s Family Tree

Lisa and Gene adopted four children with special needs. One day, Lisa was browsing Facebook when she noticed a photo of a motherless girl in need of a home. The closer she looked at the unknown girl's face, the more she realized that something seemed a little TOO familiar...

Mom And Dad Adopt Orphan Girl, Then Learn The SHOCKING Secret Behind Her Identity...

Life was good for Lisa and Gene Lumpkins. They were financially successful. They had two beautiful children. But they realized something was missing. That’s when the Georgetown, Kentucky couple decided to trade in their fancy cars and comfortable lifestyle to adopt four orphans from China — each child with special needs.

DIY Dog Treat Jar Is The Perfect Gift Idea for Dog Lovers

How have I NEVER thought of this before? I love it!

She Starts With A Tiny Mason Jar. Now Watch How She Transforms It...

Spring cleaning is underway at my home, but as a pet owner, I was struggling with how to organize all the pet food and seamlessly incorporate our dog bowl and food bin into our kitchen space. Thankfully, I discovered an easy way to de-clutter and store my pet’s food and treats to make my home more chic.

Mother’s Day Flower Cupcakes Are The Perfect Addition To Mom’s Special Day

I NEVER would have thought to use marshmallows like this! Such a great idea...

She Chops Up Tiny Marshmallows. Now Watch When She Grabs The Purple Sprinkles...

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and that means that a lot of special ladies will be needing some love — more than you already give them, I mean!

Nothing says love and appreciation like something handmade, and for the women who have everything, an edible treat is always welcome.


One Photo Encourages Mom To Change Her Lifestyle And Shed 110 Pounds

Elizabeth's mother-in-law took an innocent photo of her holding her son's hand. But when she saw it online, she knew what she had to do...

Her Mother-In-Law Takes A Photo Of Her. Then She's Horrified When She Sees This On Facebook...

Growing up, Elizabeth “Beth” Alteri never had an issue with her weight. In fact, her relatives nicknamed her “Bony Beth.”

But, that all changed freshman year in college when she gained 50 pounds and continued to put on weight in the years to come.

“I met my husband, and I got happy, and I got comfortable, and then I got married and had two children,” Beth said in a Rachael Ray segment. “It just kind of continued from there.”

One day, Beth looked at a photo her mother-in-law had taken of her and her young son. Beth was 262 pounds.

Actress Dana Delany Reveals Her Secrets To Looking So Young

I never would've guessed, would you?!

She Sits Down For An Interview. But When She Reveals Her Age, Steve Harvey Is Stunned

Wanting to look young isn’t just a trend in Hollywood; it’s a desire for many women everywhere. So whether it’s buying an expensive anti-aging cream or hitting the gym more often than usual, trying different methods to slow down aging isn’t unusual.

Teen Repays His Father’s Debt To Widow

She had no idea what was about to happen to her...

Grieving Widow Visits Her Husband's Grave. Then A Man Sneaks Up Behind Her...

Tona Herndon was visiting her husband’s grave. She had been married to her beloved for 60 years, and his death was still fresh on her mind. He had passed away just two weeks before the incident. Mourning his loss, suddenly a man came up from behind. He mugged Tona, and ran away with her purse and $700. Eventually police caught him, and the man’s mugshot aired on the local news. But the maniac wasn’t just a thief, he was a father to 15-year-old Christian Lunsford.

Personal Trainer Teaches Homeless Woman To Read In Spare Time

Once a week, Greg sat down to eat lunch with a homeless woman named Amy Jo. The two unlikely friends formed a wonderful connection. But when Amy Jo dropped an unexpected bombshell during one of these "lunch meetings," Greg was absolutely STUNNED. Just wait until you see what these two are doing together now!

Every Day, A Hunky Executive Sees This Homeless Woman. But Then She Drops THIS Bombshell...

Smith, 25, the founder of Hybrid Athletes LLC in Orlando, Florida. credits his family and his “two amazing parents” who always had the resources to help him pursue his dreams.

Dad Saves Son’s Life When Seatbelt Breaks On Roller Coaster

I can't believe he caught this on camera!

Dad Films Son On A Roller Coaster. When His Seatbelt Breaks, Watch Dad's Arm...

Delbert Latham and his 6-year-old son Kaysen were visiting a Texas theme park. When the duo decided to ride a Mousetrap roller coaster, dad thought it would be great to capture his son’s reaction going down one of the bigger slopes. Thankfully, the roller coaster wasn’t one of those brutal rides with tons of loops.

Triangles Are The Brilliant Nail Art Hack You Have To Try

I can't believe how easy this is! This is going to change EVERYTHING...

She Paints 3 Shades Of Nail Polish On A Plastic Sandwich Bag — What She Uses It For? GENIUS!

I love attempting new designs for my nails (any possible way to cut down on the salon budget!), but my novice designs suffer in the straight line department. When it come to drawing a straight line? Forget it.

Crayon Wrapper Wine Stoppers Are A Colorful Way To Top Your Bottles

This is so adorable. How have I never thought of this before?
He Wraps 33 Crayon Wrappers In A Rubber Band. Hours Later? I Want One!

While crayons might seem like they are for kids only, there are actually a surprising number of ways they can be used to create fun and inventive do-it-yourself projects.


Miracle Baby Is Born With A Rare Condition — And Without A Nose

Seconds after Brandi gave birth, the doctors took her newborn son away, leaving her alone in the delivery room for 10 frightening minutes. After all, she thought she'd seen something "strange" when she looked at Baby Eli for the very first time...

Doctors Said Her Baby Was Born Healthy, But When She Sees Him, She’s Shocked…

Seconds after she gave birth, the doctors took Brandi’s newborn son away, leaving her alone in the delivery room for 10 frightening minutes. After all, she thought she’d seen something strange when she looked at Baby Eli for the very first time…

She was right. Eli didn’t have a nose. She wasn’t even sure if he’d make it through the night…but he did.

Woman’s Congenital Heart Defect Covers Up A Surprising Twist

They were absolutely SHOCKED.

His Wife Collapses From A Blood Clot, But Then They Look Down At Her Pajama Pants And See It...

Ashley was born with a hole in her heart and a heart murmur. The condition makes her heart and lungs work harder than normal. She grew up knowing that having a baby could put too much strain on her heart, and could even be fatal.

Carpenter Surprises His Wife With A Beautiful Treasure Box For Her Birthday

He claims this was a "last-minute" birthday gift, but she sees right through him!

He Asks His Wife To Come Into His Workshop, Now Watch When She Removes The Cloth...

When our loved one’s birthdays roll around, a simple Facebook message just won’t do the job. Nope, those who are nearest and dearest to us require much more thought, effort, and of course, plenty of love while considering our options. While going to the store and finding something that you know they’ll just adore is one way to go, I’ve always been a fan of crafting completely unique items for each occasion. For me, that usually means booting up Photoshop and crafting a silly collage or sentimental photo for my friends and family.

Grieving Parents Come Up With Incredible Invention To Help Parents Of Stillborn Babies

Brittney Rasco barely had time to tell her newborn all the ways she loved her. But when her tiny girl opened her eyes? She felt it all in her heart...

She Only Had 57 Minutes To Say Goodbye. But When She Looked At Her Newborn, She Got An Idea...

Three years ago, Brittney and Brady gave birth to a beautiful little girl who simply wouldn’t be able to stay on this planet with her parents.

The little girl, named Brylen, suffered early on from a condition that meant she wouldn’t be able to form a large part of her brain or skull. When she finally entered this big world, she could only stay for less than an hour before she was whisked away back to where she came.

Bikers Support Abused Children During Courtroom Cases

Just imagine: A little boy was testifying in court against his own abuser. But when he walked into the courtroom, he saw THIS right there in front of him... This is absolutely remarkable.

A Frightened Child Enters The Courtroom To Testify. Now Watch What These Bikers Do.

Bikers Against Child Abuse International (BACA) exists with the intent to create a safer environment for abused children. In the video below, Crime Watch Daily hits the road and meets the BACA crew in Los Angeles as they work with a new member named Mika.

Learn The Surprising Truth About Restaurant ”Meat Glue”

I'll think twice about ordering meat the next time I'm at a restaurant.

After seeing this video, I can honestly say I’ll think twice about ordering meat the next time I’m at a restaurant. There are reportedly some shady, and downright disgusting, controversies in the farming and meat industries. The meat industry may be hiding another secret, and it’s not easy to spot. It’s called the “Meat Glue Secret” and it’s pretty darn scary.

Jimmy Fallon Remembers A Hilarious Experience He Had With The Late Prince

This story just reaffirms everything we already thought about Prince. Jimmy's wife had just had his baby, and Prince calls up and asks him to do THIS...

Jimmy Fallon Keels Over In The Middle Of His Story About Prince... Now Watch His Hands

With today’s media, it’s easy to learn almost everything about a celebrity’s life. Whether it’s through their own Instagram or Twitter accounts, or the endless reports from the gossip magazines, it seems there are no secrets for celebrities.

Indonesian Woman Gives Birth To Record-Breaking 19-Pound Baby

Ani expected her third son to be uniquely large like her other two boys, but she never expected THIS!

Mom Gave Birth To 3 ''Big'' Babies. But When The Camera Pans Out, I'm STUNNED!

In September 2009, a hospital on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia was buzzing with curiosity and surprise. A woman named Ani gave birth to a baby boy who wasn’t so “baby.” In fact, he weighed nearly 20 pounds at birth!

This Cake Stand Is Made Out Of Real Oreos!

Did you know you could make THIS with Oreos?
He Pours Sticky Glue Onto Oreos, But He's Not Making Dessert. Unbelievable!

I bet you never thought you could do this with a few Oreos. Peter Brown brings us another one of his unique DIYs. This one has to be one of the most creative I’ve seen out there so far. With a plate and a few standard Oreo cookies, Peter creates a cake stand. He gets the bright idea to solidify the Oreos using an epoxy mix of resin.


Vivid Tattoos Help Victims Of Abuse Heal With Color And Beauty

There are a lot of wonderful ways to put something positive back into the world.

Some people donate whatever money they can spare. Others volunteer in soup kitchens, or help to rescue abandoned elderly dogs.

Ellen Teams Up With Chris Hemsworth To Surprise Her Office Workers

Working in an office can get, well, pretty boring after performing the same repetitive tasks day in and day out. I know I’ve had moments where I find myself staring blankly at my computer for a few minutes without even realizing, which is exactly when I know I need to take a break. I like to pop out for a snack or treat myself to a fancy coffee, but anything that doesn’t involve looking at my screen will do the trick.