One Photo Encourages Mom To Change Her Lifestyle And Shed 110 Pounds

Elizabeth's mother-in-law took an innocent photo of her holding her son's hand. But when she saw it online, she knew what she had to do...

Her Mother-In-Law Takes A Photo Of Her. Then She's Horrified When She Sees This On Facebook...

Growing up, Elizabeth “Beth” Alteri never had an issue with her weight. In fact, her relatives nicknamed her “Bony Beth.”

But, that all changed freshman year in college when she gained 50 pounds and continued to put on weight in the years to come.

“I met my husband, and I got happy, and I got comfortable, and then I got married and had two children,” Beth said in a Rachael Ray segment. “It just kind of continued from there.”

One day, Beth looked at a photo her mother-in-law had taken of her and her young son. Beth was 262 pounds.

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