Powerful Exposé Uncovers Shocking Adoption Scam In U.S.

This pregnant surrogate has NO IDEA the hotel room is wired with hidden cameras. You won't BELIEVE what they caught her doing! This is outrageous!

Couple Hires Surrogate To Carry Twins, Then Discover The SHOCKING Truth About Her Pregnant Belly

Holly and Mark Gonzales spent four years trying to get pregnant, but to no avail. When they decided to try adoption, however, things took a devastating turn — but in ways they never could have imagined.


Supermom Delivers Healthy Quintuplets At University Of Utah Hospital

Even the doctors were shocked! 

Mom's GIANT Belly Is Covered In Bruises. Watch When Her Ultrasound Reveals The Stunning Truth...

Early on in their first pregnancy, Guillermina and her husband Fernando learned they were having not one, not two, not three… but five babies at once. This is exceptional all in itself, as less than 10 sets of quintuplets are born each year in the United States.