What’s Wrong With Today’s Society Captured In 10+ Though-Provoking Illustrations By Al Margen

We all know that nothing is perfect. Our modern society included. There are many things that are problematic and troubling, and even though we notice them, we are not too fast to work on fixing matters.


Mom Finds Odd-Looking Baby Abandoned On The Lawn. 1 Year Later, He Looks So Different

In June of 2014, Susan Hickman found a small, cracked bird egg on the ground. When she picked it up, she was stunned to realize a baby Starlet was still alive…

Susan found a cracked egg abandoned on the ground. When she picked it up, a tiny baby bird emerged. She couldn't find the nest—and she refused to leave him there to die. Wait until you see him one year later. I did not expect him to look like that!